Each of my abstract acrylic paintings explores expressive gestures of color, unique textures, and layering which I hope creates the illusion of energy, movement, and space.  My creative process is often driven by my need to reconcile chance, control and chaos, and authenticity. I choose my colors and theme and begin with a random stroke on a blank canvas.  Time and again, I find myself in conversation with the piece, often letting go, and allowing the work to determine its own destiny. Invariably, a “problem’ presents itself and I am challenged by the need to resolve it. 

"Broken Promises"

30" x 40" Acrylic on Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Original Unavailable but a giclee could be purchased for $600

One of the greatest challenges an artist faces is knowing when a piece is finished.  I frequently step away from a piece to examine its elements for harmony and balance.  I may look at it for several days, questioning and tweaking.    I see it as part of the process—which includes being willing to let it go and be done with it. 

-- Betty Harper of Naples -- Abstract Artist

Phone:  615.218.4100                            email: bettyharper2013@gmail.com

"Backstage with Led Zeppelin"

36" x 36"    Private Collection

"Who'll Stop the Rain?"

30" x 40"    $1,800

       Betty Harper



Although I have spent much of my “artistic adventures” in realism, there has always been a leaning toward abstract art.  I feel that abstract art allows me to create work that draws the viewer in, asking them to be involved in the piece, question my intentions.  I’m not offended when people examine a piece and try to “make sense” of it.  It is, I believe, human nature to label and understand.  If for no other reason, people are unsettled by not being able to explain and label.  So, they dive into the picture and look for answers.  I enjoy sharing that experience with them.